Germain Express Purchase Program

Visit Germain Toyota of Naples for a convenient car-buying experience that prioritizes your comfort above all else. Our virtual car-buying offering, the Germain Toyota of Naples Express Purchase Program, enables you to shop and finance your vehicle of choice, as well as schedule home delivery all from the comfort of your own home. The only in-person interaction needed is when you finalize your transaction, at which point we are happy to send a sales member to your home. For more information regarding this alternative online car-buying process, we hope that you contact our Toyota dealership in Naples, FL.

At Germain Toyota of Naples, you can shop from a wide variety of makes and models within our online inventory. From spacious new Toyota models like the Highlander SUV to sophisticated sedans like the Corolla, you’re bound to find a new model that exceeds your driving expectations. Plus, if you’re hoping to trade in your car, our Toyota website uses a Kelly Blue Book Estimated Trade Value tool to help you discover your vehicle’s worth, and in turn get you the best offer for your trade-in.

As soon as you’ve settled on a new or pre-owned vehicle that suits your lifestyle and needs, our Germain Concierge service will deliver your new or new-to-you vehicle to your door. That’s right — we’re proud to offer Toyota home delivery right to you. Plus, you can now participate in a live video walk-around to view our available vehicles for sale, and live chat with our sales manager via our website! Find a new car in Naples, FL, that you love when you take advantage of the Germain Toyota of Naples Express Purchase Program. Enjoy the hassle-free online car-buying experience you’ve been searching for today!

What is Germain Express Purchase?

With Germain Express Purchase you’re able to customize your purchase from the comfort of your own home. We give you the tools you need to build your own deal using actual available incentives and offers, estimate the value of your trade and get pre-approved for financing so you can find the car that meets your own financial goals. All of this will maximize your time so that you can make an informed decision in a timely manner.

First, find the car you love and then play around with the different options available: lease/finance/money down/terms/miles per year and estimate your trade to find a scenario that feels right to you. Based on the information you input, your monthly payment will automatically update. Once you find a scenario that works for you, you can explore vehicle protection options, get pre-approved and even schedule a test drive.

Don’t forget to “send my progress” so that we don’t have to start from scratch when you get to the dealership. This will also email you a copy, so you have it for your records. The goal is to save you time and effort while you’re here.

Some commonly asked questions:

Is this deal binding? Am I actually completing the purchase online?

Nope! You’re building your own deal to meet your needs, but you’re not tied to this purchase whatsoever. In order to complete the purchase you’ll need to come into the dealership, or we can make arrangements to come to you with a vehicle concierge, which we are more than happy to do. If this is of interest to you, please let us know.

Are taxes and fees included?

The Germain Express Purchase tool will ask you for your address so that it can pull the taxes for the county in which you live. Once you enter your zip code, the monthly payment will update to include taxes and fees. Before your zip code is entered, taxes and fees will not be included in the monthly payment. Our sales consultants and managers will verify that these are correct when you are at the dealership.

How does the trade-in work?

Our system uses Kelly Blue Book Estimated Trade Value and will make an estimate of your trade value based on the condition that you choose:

  • Excellent (3%) – This vehicle looks new and is in excellent mechanical condition. It has never had paint or bodywork and has an interior and body free of wear and visible defects.
  • Very Good (23%) – This vehicle has minor wear or visible defects on the body and interior but is in excellent mechanical condition, requiring only minimal reconditioning.
  • Good (54%) – This vehicle is free of major mechanical problems but may need some reconditioning.
  • Fair (18%) – This vehicle has some mechanical or cosmetic defects and needs servicing, but is still in safe running condition and has a clean title history.

Our pre-owned managers will want to see your trade in person in order to make our official offer based on your vehicle condition.

How does Credit Score work?

As you move further down the process you will complete an actual finance application that will use your personal information to get an accurate credit score. This can all be done on our website through the Germain Express Purchase experience. This will save you time doing so at home so that you can get pre-approved before you come in to the dealership.

Is the Offer Price negotiable?

The Germain Express Purchase Offer Price uses the “Unlocked Sale Price” as the starting point.

How do I qualify for incentives?

Occasionally conditional offers are available and additional documentation may be required for you to claim those additional incentives.

What are the next steps once I find a car I love and a deal I’m comfortable with?

  • Schedule a time to come in and drive the car to make sure it’s the one that fits your needs, or we can have a vehicle concierge bring the car to you, so that you can do the test drive right at home.
  • If you Send My Progress then we will have all of the deal information that you do, so we can just jump right in.
  • You’ll review your deal with our designated Germain Express associate
  • If you have a trade our pre-owned managers will take a look at your car and make you an official appraisal on your vehicle.
  • If you love driving the car, the deal you made was agreeable and your trade in offer was close to what you estimated, then you’ll be able to move through the process quickly and take delivery of your car.
  • If any of the elements above need to be tweaked, our Germain Express associates will be there to help with whatever you need.

Don’t forget to “send my progress” so that we don’t have to start from scratch when you get to the dealership. This will also email you a copy so you have it for your records. The goal is to save you time and effort while you’re here.

To get started, find a vehicle that you love, and you can make your own deal with the Germain Express Purchase on the vehicle details page. We look forward to working with you!